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Your Safety Is My Top Priority

Massage for medical purposes whether physical or mental is essential for many people. I recognise the importance of operating safely during this time and therefore implicate all the measures below:

I always wear a mask throughout the consultation and treatment. I request that the client also wears a mask (unless they have a medical issue or other reason they cannot). Once face down on the table the clients mask can be removed for comfort (optional).

I am deep cleaning all equipment, towels and of course the table in between clients. I also do not visit clients back to back from one household to another without first going home and cleaning everything including showering myself and changing to a new mask. I also use hand sanitiser before and after each treatment.

I would of course not treat anyone who had any symptoms, however mild they may be. I will also offer a full refund to anyone who develops symptoms in between placing a booking and having the treatment, so I always request full disclosure when it comes to this if they have prepaid.

I'm no longer offering couples massages and alawys request that I do not encounter anyone other than the client during the treatment. If there are others on the premises I will always insist on a private space for the treatment.

I understand there will always be a minimal risk when doing close contact treatments like this but I believe with these measures it is safe to do so as long as the clients understands my protocols and what I am doing to prevent possible transmissions.

Any questions or requests for further measures to make you feel even safer just let me know!


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