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Whether you are a high level athlete, play sports as a hobby or simply enjoy going to the gym it is important to incorporate regular massage into your training routine. This will help the muscle tissue recover, reduce soreness and to keep all the joints loose and limber for optimal performance.

I offer pre and post event massages and deep tissue or ‘Sports’ massage to remove any knots and loosen you up so you are ready to go again!

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If you are suffering with stress and need to unwind then I would recommend this style of massage. This is a full body massage incorporating some Swedish style techniques and also includes elements of reflexology, Indian head massage and deep tissue applications (all optional). The pressure will vary depending on your requirements but this tends to be a little gentler and more relaxing than the ‘sports’ style.

Make Time For Yourself

Welcome to optimal health sports therapy and mobile massage. It is highly beneficial to incorporate regular massage into our lives to alleviate stress, reduce muscular tension (built up from sitting at a desk or playing sports etc), improve joint mobility and enhance our overall wellbeing. If we take this essential time for ourselves, we will ensure we are operating at our very best and our ‘Optimal Health’ condition.

My name is Simon and I have been a practicing masseur for 6 years. I have worked in various spas and clinics during my time as a therapist and this has helped me recognise the importance of professional treatments tailored specifically for each client. The difference in someone pre and post treatment is always a dramatic reduction in stress and a looseness in the muscles that is visible in the way the client stands and holds themselves in natural posture.

I currently offer two styles of massage ‘Sports’ or ‘Deep Tissue’, however I usually find that after a short consultation the treatments will usually be a combination of the two blending various deep tissue applications with a focus on the clients problem areas.

I’m currently available for outcalls as a mobile therapist. I will bring my table to your house or office and set up wherever is most convenient for you. We will run through a short consultation (if it is the first visit) and then tailor the massage treatment specifically to your needs.

Alternatively, you can book to visit me at my treatment room in Altrincham just opposite the bus station.


Fully licensed and insured member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists

Membership license number: 201102

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    I have been going to Simon for some time now. I have a chronic neck condition and Simon's treatments are brilliant. I cannot recommend him more strongly.

    Graeme Poston

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    Simon is a really nice, professional and well qualified therapist and gave me a great massage. I left feeling really relaxed, and my shoulders and neck (which I had identified as problem areas) were positively transformed. I felt like I was in very safe and experienced hands. Happy to recommend!

    Charlotte Richardson

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    Simon is a great guy who is very professional and makes you feel at ease. I've been to see him twice now and I can really feel a difference in back. Would happily recommend!

    Michael Gibson

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    Been going to Simon for treatments for many years, always a great experience. Simon understands when a client wants to chat and when they just want to chill and relax. I have had deep tissue massages and also relaxation massages from Simon and have been known to fall asleep on the table.

    Kalen Vuysher